Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Most nations around the world are trying to tighten the regulations on transfer pricing practices. However, the many complexities of transfer pricing provide a variety of opportunities to optimize profits, increase cash flows, and make effective arrangements for your international transactions.

Transfer Pricing is the most discussed tax issue worldwide, and companies need to keep abreast of the dynamics of transfer pricing regulations across all jurisdictions, enable compliance in each such jurisdiction and adopt an appropriate risk mitigation strategy.

GKM can handle complex advisory and structuring assignments covering multiple tax jurisdictions across the globe. Aided by a dedicated and knowledgeable team, GKM can work with you to develop transfer pricing policies that are defensible, flexible and in line with your overall tax planning strategies.

Transfer Pricing Policy

MNEs opt for standardizing their Transfer Pricing policy for intra-group transactions, inter alia; to meet with the demands of the respective Tax Jurisdictions they operate in. In this domain; BDO India, along with its Global Tax Advisory service, helps MNEs in formulating TP Policy that may be implemented uniformly within the Group.

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